Scare statement from the Manisa Chamber of Medicine: Case numbers doubled


The President of the Manisa Chamber of Medicine, Şahut Duran, made a statement about the increasing number of cases in the city in recent years. Duran, stated that the Ministry of Health last week in the context of the fight with corona virus and reflect the fact that patients explanation for the decline of the number of dead to be destroyed data showing lower economic concerns in Turkey has claimed that desired.


June 1, 2020 date after voicing caused to the starting normalization process in Turkey, in particular increased virus corona in the working population Duran, are no longer admitted to hospitals of cases detected in Turkey and was sent home, said that measures their purchase now.

Duran continued his statement as follows:
Cases are no longer hospitalized throughout the country, but are sent home. Those who have a very poor condition are only hospitalized. Despite this, Manisa Central Efendi Hospital, which is now a pandemic hospital, is filled with intensive care and no other patients are taking it. New patients started to be brought to Manisa Celal Bayar University Hospital. It was also unable to return to normal service.

In industry, there is a serious increase in cases in factories. There is an increase in cases in similar textile factories in districts. Especially the increase in the working segment is noticeable. In Turkey, the numbers do not show the exact figures, showing lower. The data of the Ministry of Health does not reflect the truth. So is the death toll.

They brought different criteria about the data, we don’t know what this is done for. It is shown that most of the dead died from other diseases, not covid.


Stating that the number of people caught in Covid-19 before June 1 in Manisa was around 1500-2000, Duran claimed that the number doubled after the normalization process and the reduction of measures. Duran stated that the radiation and quarantine were not applied too much and said:
We now estimate that the number of Covid-19 patients is around 4 thousand, that is, at least twice the previous period. We know that contact testing is no longer done to control the disease, only those with signs of disease are tested.

The ministry also sent a letter to all health institutions for this. The lack of testing for everyone is about doing it only to those with signs of disease. It is also stated that the reliability of the tests has decreased and that the patients who are close to 50 percent are identified. Fillation and quarantine are no longer applied too much.


Stating that the Ministry of Health has been thinking about the data related to the disease in recent weeks and that the ministry wanted to eliminate the economic anxiety caused by the epidemic, Duran said that the numbers could not be successful in combating the virus by showing low numbers.

Due to concerns about the economic fight the virus in Turkey Duran added that the statement that decreased in importance:
The measures taken at first caused economic difficulties. We think that these figures are low due to economic anxiety. In the previous period, very serious measures were taken, we know that it was difficult for the economy. We do not think that this economic problem will be solved with sudden uncontrolledness.

It is not right to realize normalization on numbers, we do not think that this economic situation will improve by showing the numbers low. Because outside, people get sick and die. We know that it creates a very serious problem in the working sector and the producing sector. If this uncontrolled persists, it also causes loss of labor. It affects the economy worse. Our idea is that the numbers are shown to be low due to economic concerns.


Emphasizing that uncontrolled, unmasked and distant crowds on the coastal coast, especially on the coastal shores, is a frightening picture, Duran said that they expect an increase in the number of cases after the return of the holiday. Duran ended his words as follows:
Another indication that economic anxiety has been acted on is that bans on tourism were not introduced in this period. During the period when the schools were closed, and sometimes the factories were closed, no measures were taken to revive tourism. The measures were left to the citizen. Unfortunately, this will create an increase.

Leaving the initiative to the citizen in the process of normalization and saying “I am not involved” is a situation that does not comply with the social state. If mass immunity is aimed at this period, this must also be said. At least the citizen takes precautions accordingly. The process we are going through is currently showing it. It is not right to act with the logic of ‘Let everyone take care of themselves, the dead die, the rest is ours’. We expect a serious increase in the number of cases, especially after the holiday holiday return.

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