School closures have affected a billion students worldwide, due to the Covid-19 pandemic


The closure of schools due to the coronavir pandemic has affected a billion students, UN Secretary General Antoniu Guteresre said on Tuesday.

In mid-July, schools were closed in more than 160 countries, affecting more than a billion students. Guteresre pointed out that education had never been disturbed on such a large scale before.

At least 40 million children have been left without education in the “critical preschool year,” Guteresre said.

He warned that the crisis was affecting an entire generation, threatening the world with a waste of human potential and could undermine the progress made in recent decades and exacerbate inequalities.

“We are at a crucial time,” Guteresre emphasized.

“The decisions that governments and partners are making now will have far-reaching implications for hundreds of millions of young people and for countries’ development prospects over the coming decades,” Guteresre said.

He called for schools to be opened as soon as the spread of the new coronavirus came under control.


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