The journalist named the salaries in the Ukrainian Football Association. Miron Markevich has the most


The head of the committee of national teams, Myron Markevich, earns over 707 thousand UAH per month. In second place is the head of the committee on ethics and fair play Francesco Baranka with a monthly income of UAH 513 thousand.

Sports journalist Konstantin Andriyuk 4 August published on Facebook the list of salaries of officials of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF). The head of the national teams’ committee Miron Markevich, the head of the ethics and fair play committee Francesco Baranka and the first vice-president of the UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko earn the most per month.

The list indicates that Markevich earns more than UAH 707 thousand per month. Baranka receives 513 thousand UAH, and Kostyuchenko – 432 thousand UAH. The salary of the head of the arbitrators committee, Luciano Luci, was UAH 411 thousand per month.

“Once again I am happy for Miron Markevich! More than 707K [тысяч] hryvnia a month – keep it up, Miron Bogdanovich! Don’t slow down! A little upset for Vadim Kostyuchenko! A person has a house near Kiev, a security house, Lexus 570! And some unfortunate 432K [тысяч] UAH Who will keep all this? “- Andriyuk commented.

Among the famous football figures on the list is Oleg Blokhin, co-chairman of the Council for the Strategic Development of Professional Football. His monthly salary in the association is 115 thousand UAH.

The list does not include the president of the association Andrei Pavelko

Congress of the Ukrainian Football Association in Lviv in June appointed three new UAF vice-presidents.

UAF President Andrey Pavelko has 14 deputies. Among them – Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Nazar Kholodnitsky, People’s Deputy from the deputy group “For Maybutn”, co-owner of “Epicenter” Alexander Gerega, former Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Konstantin Eliseev (held this position under the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko).


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