These are the new measures against the coronavirus announced by N. Hardalias (video)


The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, appealed to the citizens to apply all the hygiene rules, who announced new measures, during the emergency briefing with D. Tsiodras on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hardalias announced:

  • It is forbidden from Wednesday, from 11 pm to 7 am, the crossing from Kakavia, while from Monday at the border station will be installed permanent scale of sampling checks.
  • From the 16th of August, whoever enters from Albania, will be placed in home isolation for one week.
  • The limit of 100 people is extended at social events until 31 August.
  • Intensive checks will be conducted in food factories. The control mechanism also includes o ΕΦΕΤ.
  • Depending on the epidemiological risk will now exist possibility of limiting the hours of the entertainment centers on a local scale with a relevant decision General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Asked if it will come back measure of sms for travel, Nikos Hardalias replied that “at the moment there is no such issue”. However, he noted that “there are many tools in the government’s quiver” and added: “We are examining them step by step.”

We do not return to the daily information, clarified the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection from the beginning. He stressed, however, that “there are signs that worry us and we want to draw everyone’s attention.”

He stressed that the enemy remains the complacency and relaxation phenomena that feed the coronavirus. Referring to the epidemiological picture, he said that the main source is the land entrance gates, as well as the synchronicity in social events and the means of transport.

Nikos Hardalias said that the government will do whatever is necessary to protect human life. He stated that the controls continue, without a punitive mood, at an intensive pace. He stressed that nothing can be done without the cooperation of citizens, while he pointed out that in addition to complacency, we as a society have to fight against irrational and conspiracy theories that undermine the social responsibility that we must all show.

Mr. Hardalias stressed that the increase in cases has not led to significant pressure on the health system. He said there were 13 patients in the ICU last Sunday, up from 44 on May 2 and 81 on April 2. The total number of cases last week was 469.

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