Turkey’s struggle in the past 24 hours Covidien-19


Ministry of Health husband and situated Ministers Fahrettin on the website of the share on Twitter “Turkey Day coronavirus Table”, according to the latest data, today has made 46 thousand 249 tests, 1083 people Covidien-19 was diagnosed. In the last 24 hours, 18 patients died and 994 people recovered. The number of those who completed Covid-19 treatment was 218 thousand 491.

The total number of tests was recorded as 4 million 973 thousand 466, the number of cases 234 thousand 934, and the number of deaths as 5,765.

The number of those who completed Covid-19 treatment increased to 218 thousand 491 with the help of 994 more people in the last 24 hours. The number of serious patients was 583, and the rate of pneumonia in patients was 8.5 percent.

In his post on Twitter, Minister of Health Koca noted:

“The increase in the number of new patients is serious. The difference between the 2 days is so clear for the first time in the near future. We must prevent the contact environment on holidays and holidays from causing severe consequences. We are all responsible for each other. We need unity in the measure.”

Additional circular on “Covid-19 measures”

An additional circular on “Covid-19 measures” was sent to the governorships by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the circular, it will be checked by the governor, district governor and law enforcement officers whether the ones who have been subjected to insulation at home will comply with the isolation conditions in the first 7 days. “Filimentation Studies Follow-up Boards” will be established under the vice-governor of provinces and the district governorships in districts. In the provinces with high daily and weekly increase rates, additional measures and supervision activities will be implemented by the governorships at the highest level. A provincial epidemic control center will be established within the governorship of Kırıkkale, which is determined as a pilot province in the fight against epidemic.

The Ministry of the Interior reported that there were unfounded news about the opening of the carpet fields in some media organs, and the preparations for the preparation of the guideline by the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee continue.


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