What is known about the explosion in the port of Beirut


What happened

At least 70 people died on Tuesday in a powerful explosion, equivalent to a magnitude 4.5 earthquake, in the port of Beirut. 3.7 thousand people were injured. City hospitals are overcrowded and victims are being sent to the outskirts of Beirut.

The facades of buildings located near the port have collapsed, houses and offices throughout the city are damaged. The building of the Russian embassy was damaged, one of its employees was injured.

Also reported about damage to buildings of other diplomatic missions, including the Finnish embassy, ​​which is located two kilometers from the explosion.

The country has interruptions to the Internet. There is no information available as to whether these problems are related to an explosion.

IN results of PE General Secretary of the Lebanese Party Kataib Nizar Najaryan was killed. The family and advisers of Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab were injured.

The building of the Russian Embassy was damaged, one employee was injured. The consul of Kazakhstan in Lebanon received minor injuries.

The explosion is equivalent to a magnitude 4.5 earthquake, Jordanian seismologists said. Its echoes were heard even in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia – 250 km from Beirut.

Explosion reasons

At the moment, several possible causes of the explosion are known:

  • The head of the Lebanese Interior Ministry, Mohammed Fahmi, said that ammonium nitrate had exploded.
  • The law enforcement agencies told Al Mayadeen TV that it had detonated a “cargo of explosive substances” confiscated nine years ago.
  • Al Hadath TV channel does not exclude that it was an Israeli Air Force missile attack on the warehouse of the radical Hezbollah movement. After the Israeli state radio Kan, citing a source, denied the country’s involvement in the incident.
  • Al Mayadeen TV reported that the explosion occurred in a pyrotechnics warehouse.
  • According to information from Kazakh diplomats in Lebanon, a ship with pyrotechnics exploded in the port, and several powerful explosions took place at the same time.
  • The head of the Lebanese secret service considers it premature to talk about a terrorist attack.

PE reaction

Lebanese President Michel Aoun will convene a meeting of the country’s Supreme Defense Council. He ordered to provide medical care at the expense of state funds, as well as provide temporary housing to everyone whose houses and property were damaged.

The Governor of Beirut compared the incident to the “bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

August 5 is declared a day of national mourning in Lebanon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to Michel Aoun.

Israel has offered humanitarian and medical assistance to Lebanon through international organizations.

Turkey and the United States declared their readiness to provide all possible assistance to Lebanon in the elimination of the consequences of the explosion.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed “brotherly solidarity with the Lebanese” and said that he had sent aid to Lebanon.

The leaders of the European Union also expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and declared their readiness to help Lebanon.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, ordered to send a batch of field hospitals to Lebanon.

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