White House National Security Advisor has survived O’Brien Covid-19


White House National Security Consultant caught in the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Robert O’Brien‘s, the last two tests “negative” “reportedly returned to his head.

In the written statement from the National Security Council, the statement said, “After his last two tests were negative and showed no symptoms for a week, his doctors said that O’Brien had overcome Covid-19.”

“The National Security Adviser also met with President Donald Trump, who made him a warm welcome,” said O’Brien in the statement, pointing to his office at the White House.

He caught Covid-19 on July 27

It was announced that Obrien was caught on Covid-19 on July 27. Bloomberg stated that O’Brien had caught the virus at a family event. On the other hand, Trump’s advisor and the Council’s senior employees are tested daily.


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