WHO has announced progress with the COVID-19 vaccine


So far there is no effective remedy against the disease. Work on the vaccine and the search for drugs continues.

The World Health Organization has noted progress in developing a vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19. These conclusions were reached by the WHO Emergency Committee, reported on Monday, August 3, the head of the organization Tedros Gebreisus.

“A number of vaccines are currently in the third phase of clinical trials, and we all hope to get effective vaccines that can help prevent human infection. However, there is no” silver bullet “at this time and there never can be,” he said.

The Committee recommended that countries join the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator platform, which combines efforts to develop tests, vaccines and drugs.

The head of the WHO noted that so far the cessation of outbreaks is reduced to the basics of public health and combating the spread of the disease.

He noted that in some severely affected countries there are recurrent outbreaks of infection, but at the same time others manage to take control of the disease.

“We know from serological tests that most people remain susceptible to the virus even in areas where there have been serious outbreaks,” he explained.

He warned against hastily lifting quarantine, called for support for health systems and anti-epidemic restrictions.


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