Coronavirus positively impacts online pet store sales


Online sales of pet products have grown significantly against the backdrop of the pandemic and continue to maintain quality dynamics compared to last year.

With the onset of the pandemic, online sales have grown substantially. This was especially noticeable in the spring, during a tough quarantine. Almost all industries have seen significant growth, and a special jump has been noticeable in sales of pet products. So, the largest online pet store in Ukraine E-ZOO notes that online consumer demand has more than doubled in some categories! Primarily due to the closure of many offline outlets.

Now the number of requests has slightly decreased, due to seasonality and the weakening of quarantine measures, however, it remains noticeably higher than last year… It’s easy to explain:

· Natural growth of online sales: the number of buyers in online stores is constantly increasing, and under current conditions, growth has accelerated;

· Health is more important and without unnecessary need it is better to stay at home and wait for delivery;

· Bought – I liked it, why change what works. The customers who came in appreciated the advantages of such purchases and most simply changed their approach. Now they don’t go to the shops to look for goods, but buy from a trusted seller;

· The many benefits that online stores offer.

What attracts buyers online?

1. A colossal selection of goods in comparison with the usual small stores. So, for example, E-ZOO presents over 1000 names of dog food. This can be verified by going link.

2. Lots of promotional offers: the ability to save money when shopping online is already a common thing.

3. Delivery to the apartment, which under certain conditions will be free.

4. Possibility to pay for goods using several methods.

5. Consultation. Here no one is standing in line behind your back, and you can easily ask any questions you are interested in by telephone.

Top Growth Product Categories

If we consider in more detail the impact of the world situation on the online sales of goods for animals, then a significant increase was received by feed and treats – more than 20%. The demand for small accessories and toys for pets has increased quantitatively. If earlier they were purchased in ordinary stores (caught the eye), now buyers are purposefully looking for something to entertain their pet.

The demand for goods for rodents and birds has grown significantly. Moreover, for all categories: cells, food, vitamins, toys and more.

There is also a negative impact. There are noticeably fewer travelers. Carriers, hammocks, vehicle attachments have not received much response due to some restrictions imposed by the state.

All these are statistics and facts, and we wish good health to all buyers and their pets!


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