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Coronavirus: The “map” with Thursday’s cases

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In which areas of Greece have carriers of the new virus been identified in the last 24 hours.

153 new cases of coronavirus in Greece, were announced by EODY, in the established daily information on the course of the pandemic.

More specifically, regarding their geographical distribution:

  • 11 cases were detected during the checks carried out at the country’s entrance gates,
  • 7 imported cases, which came voluntarily.
  • 40 cases in P.E. Attica,
  • 38 in P.E. Thessaloniki,
  • 14 in P.E. Larissa,
  • Nine in P.E. Cyclades, eight of which involve a confluence in a restaurant,
  • Four in P.E. Evros, all related to the wedding in Alexandroupolis,
  • Three in P.E. Halkidiki,
  • Three in P.E. Corfu,
  • Three in P.E. Of Ilia,
  • Three in P.E. Corinth,
  • Three in P.E. Pella,
  • Two in P.E. Magnesia, both from the Stefanovikeio camp,
  • Two in P.E. Argolida,
  • Two in P.E. Achaia,
  • Two in P.E. Ioannina,
  • Two in P.E. Kavala,
  • One in P.E. Thesprotia,
  • One in P.E. Kilkis,
  • One in P.E. Kozani,
  • One in P.E. Messinia,
  • One in P.E. Chania.


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