Il Giornale: Rising coronavirus cases across Europe are causing fear


“The number of infections is increasing and it is not a small increase. We do not know how long it will take and how the curves will increase. But this second wave does not necessarily have to have dramatic consequences. The adjustments made by the National Security Council could work, “says Van Gucht.

The virologist tries to give some hope, saying that “the coronavirus will not disappear, but in the future it will behave like a benign infection, but to return to normal life it takes a few more months of patience.” “Let’s continue, it will come to an end,” concludes Van Gucht.

Europe continues to observe growing curves of infections from Spain to Romania. Germany is also under observation, where cases are rising again: in the last 24 hours there were 870 compared to 509 the day before. At the beginning of the state of emergency, the total number of registered cases was 211,281, the victims 9,156. According to Susanne Johna, president of the German Marburger Bund Association of Physicians, the country is already in the middle of a “second small wave” and although the rise in new infections is not comparable to the numbers in March and April, there is still an increase in infections. therefore, the danger of exposing to success the successes in Germany in a combination of removal and the pursuit of normalcy ‘. This time, hospitals are ready to welcome patients, unlike the first wave, President Johna added.

Romania has far more than a thousand infections in the last 24 hours, while the obligation of the mask has meanwhile created chaos in some areas of the French city of Lille, and the Prefecture has requested its outdoor use for some areas in the metropolitan area. implementation of the provision is not always the subject of harmonious choices by the municipalities concerned, even if they are neighboring.

On Dunkirk Boulevard, for example, under the jurisdiction of the municipal administrations of Lomme and Lambersart, the use of the mask is mandatory only on one side, on one of the two sidewalks.

Source: Rador


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