Coronavirus does not affect children. Twitter froze Trump and et for fake news


According to serveru BBC the video came from an interview Trump gave to American television Fox News.

As for now, we can assume that they are dark and I would say definitely the immune system of covid-19. I don’t know how it is, but their immune system is much stronger than our adults. Don’t have a problem with the disease, Trump said. He claimed that I saw no reason, so that not all the wheels in the ground could be reopened.

Socially, Trump’s contributions were erased. In one was a Nazi symbol

Facebook subsequently deleted the video from its website. The video contained a false claim that a group of people are immune to covid-19. Such information violates our policy on a number of malicious affairs, initially about the disease, published by Facebook.

Twitter, on nm Trump video so reported, even et presidential campaign suspended for some we shut down until then the video will not be removed, Twitter said.

What about dtmi?

According to current knowledge, the risk of outbreaks of covive disease is much higher in adults. In children, they were relatively unlikely that the disease would break out. This bag does not mean that the virus cannot catch and penet it.

According to a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, about half of people under the age of 20 are more prone to coronavirus infection than people over the age of 20.

In connection with children and coronavirus, it is also associated with so-called Kawasaki disease. In the USA, but also in the United Kingdom, France or Italy, patients have experienced several cases of a bad disease, which showed the same symptoms as the rare disease. Several children under the age of five suddenly developed heart and heart disease, even toxic eye syndrome. Investigate whether there is an adverse immune response to coronavirus infection.


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