Transport in Kharkov will not be stopped, despite the quarantine: Kernes


metro and ground electric transport will continue to operate normally.

Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes statedthat getting Kharkov into the “red” quarantine zone will not affect the work of city transport in any way.

“There will be no restrictions on transport in Kharkiv. And this is not my pre-election slogan, but a normal attitude towards Kharkiv citizens and ensuring their comfortable life in the city,” the mayor emphasized.

The decision to determine the status of the “red” zone for Kharkov was taken today at a meeting of the state commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergency situations.

It is worth noting that the “red” zone means stopping public transport, closing educational institutions, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

Recall that in Kharkov 79 people fell ill with coronavirus per day. Read more about this. here.


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