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Coronavirus – All newsThe coronavirus pandemic in Brazil has exceeded 100,000 dead, according to data released on Saturday (8/8) by the Ministry of Health of the Latin American country.

With 100,477 deaths due to COVID-19 (+905 in 24 hours) and 3,012,412 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection (+49,970), the giant country of 212 million inhabitants remains the second hardest hit because of pandemic on the planet, just behind the US.

A large part of the scientific community, however, considers these numbers to be very underestimated, given that in the state of 212 million inhabitants, a sufficient number of tests are not performed.

Although the country has exceeded the limit of 100,000 deaths, the president Zaich Bolsonaru rejects criticism of how it dealt with the coronavirus pandemic and says it has “quiet conscience“, While he does not hesitate to characterize governors of states that are in favor of imposing, or reinstating, restrictive measures”dictators».

«We have a clear conscience. With the means at our disposal, we could say that we did the best we could to save lives“, The far-right head of state assured on Thursday.

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