Coronavirus pea: The transmissibility index is at 1 and rising – Society


The alarm bell for the increase of the transmission of the new coronavirus was sounded by the president of the Athens-Piraeus hospital doctors, speaking on Saturday morning on SKAI television.

“The transmissibility index has reached 1. It is at 1 and is going up,” said Ms. Pagoni, while explaining: “What is happening today we will see in about 10 to 15 days. If they start hospitalizations, intubations, then things are completely gone. We had reached 0.20 – 0.25 we were very well in May. Let us hope that there will be no further increase. “The concentration limit must be reduced to less than 50 people in order to cross the reef.”

The president stressed the need for calm because, as he said, the panic does not bring good results, and added that the days we are going through until August 20 are difficult because everyone will go out, everyone will go to the islands and stressed the need to keep their distance. more than two meters, the use of a mask and hand washing.

“Everyone needs a mask indoors and a mask, and outdoors where there is a crowd,” said the doctor. “The more population there is, the more cases explained the increase in cases in Athens and Thessaloniki.”

Regarding the case of Poros, he explained that it is easy to track, because space is limited. “Everyone inside and outside needs a mask, we do not know how many cases there are, we do not know who our neighbor is. “Especially in Poros everywhere and in the brown mask, until it becomes traced to see how things will go”.

“We are forgetting the vaccine for this year. “Vaccines have specific phases and the vaccine must be safe from 2021,” the doctor added.


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