Increased vigilance in Ghent, local corona figures are rising


In Ghent, the number of COVID-19 infections has increased in recent days. To keep the figures under control, the City of Ghent requests …

In Ghent, the number of infections has increased by COVID-19. In order to keep the figures under control, the City of Ghent is asking all Gentenaars to follow the six golden rules now more than ever. This increased vigilance is necessary.

Increased vigilance

The City of Ghent keeps its finger on the pulse, including figures from the Agency for Care and Health via the Care Atlas. A team from the Data and Information Service of the City of Ghent, with a medical expert from the General Practitioner Association and an employee from the Primary Care Zone Ghent, monitors and follows up the corona figures on a daily basis.

Sciensano and the Flemish Agency for Care and Health determined a number of ‘flashing lights’ to identify the different corona phases and the associated measures. This concerns the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the number of days since the last day without infections and the number of days with an increase in the last 7 days. Based on these parameters, it is established that, after Ghent has been relatively spared in the past month, the number of infections has continued to increase in recent days. The city is now in the so-called signaling phase.

Six golden rules

The City of Ghent calls for the six golden rules to be observed now more than ever.

1) Wash your hands regularly!

2) Outdoor activities should be preferred whenever possible. Where necessary, rooms must be sufficiently ventilated;

3) Be extra careful with people who belong to a risk group.

4) Keep a safe distance from each other (except within your bubble).

5) Wear a mouth mask in places where it is busier;

6) Limit group meetings and adhere to the rules of the National Security Council. Each family (or everyone who lives together) can meet with a maximum of 5 people. These must always be the same persons. Can you respect the distance of 1.5 meters? Then you can do activities with a maximum of 10 people, such as walking or cycling.

You can read more information about the specific Ghent measures here

Furthermore, residents of Ghent are asked to be vigilant for symptoms and to contact their GP to be tested if any of these symptoms are detected. People with a positive test will be called by the contact investigation. Full cooperation is requested by passing on the contact persons as completely as possible, and by informing the contact persons themselves and drawing up a list with whom they came into contact.

The City also takes the call from GPs to set up a centralized triage center seriously. The doctors warned they are being overrun by civilians returning from an orange or red zone and signing up for a test. The creation of a central center for testing in people without symptoms is under consideration within the services. This will be decided further at the beginning of next week.


Sofie Rédelé, Cabinet of Aldermen Decruynaere, mobile 0473 54 13 45, e-mail [email protected]


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