53 deputies test positive, 3 of them are in severe condition


Badir al-Ziyadi, one of the deputies of the Iraqi Parliament, announced to 53 deputies that the Covid-19 test result was positive and 3 of them were in severe condition.

Badir al-Ziyadi, one of the deputies of the Iraqi Parliament, said that 53 deputies were diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), while 3 of them were in severe condition. Badir al-Ziyadi noted that the parliament is not active like other parliaments in the world due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Stating that the parliament is on holiday for three months until the end of September, al-Ziyadi said, “The authority to hold an extraordinary session in the parliament belongs to the presidency. If there is a call, the deputies are ready to attend the session”.

Stating that the work of the commission continues, al-Ziyadi said, “There are important laws awaiting voting and discussion. We are ready for the session”.

Geyda Kembeş, who is the deputy of the Union of Forces Alliance and the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission in Iraq, died last month due to the new type of coronavirus.

According to the statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, the loss of life due to coronavirus in the country increased to 5 thousand 392.

In Iraq, where the total number of cases increased to 150 thousand 115, 107 thousand 755 patients also recovered.

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