Covid-19 will adversely affect the German economy by April 2021


The new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic continues to affect the economies of the country. The Munich-based economic research institute IFO stated that the restrictions imposed in daily life due to the epidemic will continue until April 2021, and during this period, at least 8 months are needed to return to the old days in the construction, industry and service sector.

In the research conducted by IFO, it was stated that it is expected that the sports and entertainment sectors most affected by the epidemic can recover in 13 months, the arts and gastronomy sector can recover in 11 months, the education system and the accommodation sector will return to normal in 10 months. As a result of the research, the business line that was least affected by the epidemic and recovered in the shortest time was determined as the transportation sector.

Mehmet Koca


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