Irkutsk region was the first in Siberia to reach 14 thousand cases of COVID-19


Irkutsk Oblast was the first in Siberia to reach 14,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. According to the ICC, as of August 10, 612.6 COVID-19 infections were recorded per 100 thousand inhabitants. Despite the weekly slowdown in the spread of the epidemic, the region remains on the third line of the rating of the Siberian Federal District with the largest number infected.

Image courtesy of ICC

Over the past week, the daily number of cases in the Irkutsk region ranged from 119 to 137. The smallest number of cases was recorded on 8 August – 119 confirmed diagnoses. The prevalence rate of the disease in the region is higher than the average Siberian (450.2 growth per week by 30.4 points), as well as the all-Russian (607.9, an increase of 24.8).

The indicators are higher only in the Altai Republic – 792.5 cases and the Tuva Republic – 1984.2 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The least infected is still in the Kemerovo region. Here, there are 164.2 cases of COVID-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants.


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