Partial immunity to COVID-19 can be developed without contact with the coronavirus – scientists – news on UNN


KIEV. August 10. UNN. The immune system of some people who have never had COVID-19 coronavirus infection has helper T cells that can recognize and respond to a dangerous virus. UNN with reference to a study published in the journal Cell.

According to scientists, the reason for this is the so-called cross-reaction: when helper T cells develop in response to another virus, they respond to a similar but previously unknown pathogen. In this case, the T cells may remain after a person’s previous contact with another type of coronavirus – probably one of the four that cause a cold.

According to scientists, these cells “can help generate a rapid and strong immune response.”

However, the presence of such antibodies does not mean that humans have effective immune defenses. Partial immunity increases the likelihood that coronavirus infection will occur in a milder form.

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We will remind as reported UNN, determining the percentage of immune to “covid” population will help bring the regions out of quarantine. This was stated by the Minister of Health Vasyl Knyazevych, proposing to the Cabinet of Ministers to include data on antibodies to COVID-19 in the criteria for quarantine zoning of Ukraine.

Note that ELISA test helps to determine antibodies to the virus.

In particular, the detection of Ig G immunoglobulin indicates that a person has been in contact with patients with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and has developed immunity, or that a person has already relapsed to COVID-19, possibly even asymptomatically.

As previously reported, on May 21, the Ministry of Health updated the standards of medical care for COVID-19, providing for mandatory ELISA testing, in particular, for doctors to protect them. A separate category of citizens subject to ELISA screening has been designated by the Ministry of Health as an employee of the National Police, the National Guard and the State Border Guard Service.

The Ministry of Health has already stated that those who ignore the Ministry of Health’s order for ELISA screening will face heavy penalties.


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