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Earlier, the media reported that the president in all seriousness discussed with the governor of South Dakota the appearance of his own portrait next to Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump called the news about the discussion with the South Dakota authorities of the appearance of his image on Mount Rushmore next to the portraits of the country’s four leaders as fake

«The New York Times (NYT. – RBC) and CNN, with its falling ratings, posted a fake that I talked about wanting to place my portrait on Mount Rushmore. I have never come up with such a proposal, even though over the past 3.5 years he has done more for the country than any other president, ”- stated Trump on his Twitter.

NEW and CNN claimedthat back in 2018, the president, during a conversation with South Dakota Governor Christy Noem, claimed that he had always dreamed of his portrait being placed on Mount Rushmore. Noem said that Trump, in her opinion, was not joking, and officials of the presidential administration last year allegedly approached the governor with such a proposal. As a result, she limited herself to giving the head of state a miniature copy of the monument, which included his own image, during Trump’s visit to the state.

The United States approved the dismantling of the Confederate monuments in the Capitol

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The Mount Rushmore Monument was created in 1927 in consultation with President Calvin Coolidge and Congress. There are carved portraits of four heads of state – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The monument was created for 14 years: work ceased in 1941 with the death of the sculptor Gutzon Borglum.

This year, on July 4, Trump defended the monument, which began to criticize representatives of the indigenous population of the United States. The last pointed outthat the territory where the monument stands once belonged to the Indians, but in the 1870s they were forced out of there by the American army. Then gold was found there, and the central government denied the Indians the right to make a reservation in the region.

Trump said the Mount Rushmore monument “will always stand as an eternal memory to the country’s founding fathers.”


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