France says the situation with COVID-19 in the country is changing for the worse – Society


PARIS, 11 August. / TASS /. The situation with the coronavirus epidemic in France is taking a negative turn. This was announced on Tuesday by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, speaking following a meeting of the National Security Council held in the format of a video conference. The premier’s speech from Montpellier (Hérault department, south of the country) was broadcast by the TV channel BFM.

“The wave of intense heat currently observed in France is unfortunately accompanied by another negative phenomenon – a worsening of the situation with the epidemic [вызываемого коронавирусом заболевания] COVID-19. Two thousand new infections are recorded every day, up from just one thousand three weeks ago. This week, an alarming level will be reached on the national territory – more than 20 cases of infection per 100 thousand of the population, “Kasteks said.

The prime minister specified that “a number of departments are already at a level after which the alarm should be announced.” “The number of hospitalizations in the country as a whole is growing and reaches 800 per week, and 100 people are placed in intensive care per week. 25 new foci of infection are detected every day, whereas three weeks ago this figure was about five foci,” Kasteks said. “All this cannot but cause concern,” the Prime Minister stressed.

At the same time, Kasteks stated “a slight decrease in the discipline” of the population. He said that in this regard, “measures will be strengthened to control the wearing of protective masks by the population in order to make this practice as widespread as possible.” According to the prime minister, the prefects of the departments will receive an appropriate order from the central authorities in the very near future.

The head of government also said that a decision had been made to extend the ban on holding public events in the country with the participation of more than 5 thousand people until October 30. Measures to test the population for coronavirus are also expanding in France. “If we do not collectively respond to what is happening, we will be at risk of a significant increase in the epidemic,” Kastex warned. He assured that the authorities are taking all necessary measures in connection with the worsening of the situation.

As I wrote on Tuesday on my page in Twitter following the meeting of the National Security Council, French President Emmanuel Macron, “the epidemic has not gone on vacation, so vigilance and protection measures must be taken against the virus.” “Be careful!” – urged the population of Macron.


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