IPhone users at risk of contracting coronavirus on public transport


The New York Public Transportation Agency drew attention to the fact that passengers are massively removing masks to unlock the iPhone using facial recognition.

how reports Assosiated Press, on this occasion the carriers contacted Apple with a request to come up with an alternative way to unlock.

Passengers massively use facial recognition to unlock their iPhones, so they take off their masks in transport, which contributes to the spread of the coronavirus.

In an official letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the management of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates transportation in New York, claims that drivers personally saw passengers taking off their masks to unlock the smartphone.

“We urge Apple to accelerate its adoption of new technologies and solutions that further protect customers in the COVID-19 era,” – stressed in the letter the chairman of MTA Patrick Foy.

As previously reported by “Apostrophe”, in addition to the common symptoms of Covid-19, the presence of a disease caused by a coronavirus infection, may indicate pain in the eyes, lack of appetite, and even skin lesions on the feet.


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