Workplaces in Iran’s Yazd province will remain closed for 3 days due to COVID-19


According to Iran’s official news agency IRNA, the Center for Combating Corona has decided to suspend workplaces on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, taking into account the state of the epidemic in the province of Yazd.

It was stated that workplaces selling essential supplies such as pharmacies, bakeries, markets, butchers and fuel stations were excluded from the scope of the decision.

It was noted that the decision in question could be extended depending on the situation of the epidemic.

The province of Yazd is among the “red regions” in Iran where COVID-19 cases are defined as the most intense.

It was learned that there are currently 273 COVID-19 patients in hospitals in the state, and 68 of them continue to be treated in the intensive care unit.

It has not been announced how many people have died in the state due to the epidemic so far.

COVID-19 was first seen in Iran on February 19 in the city of Kum, then spread throughout the country.

According to the statement made by the Iranian Ministry of Health, as of today, the loss of life caused by the virus in the country has reached 18 thousand 800 and the number of cases has reached 331 thousand 189.


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