Anyone with corona complaints can now make an online test appointment and see the results | NOW


The online test portal for the coronavirus was launched on Wednesday, the Central government. Anyone with (mild) complaints that fit the corona virus can make a test appointment online. You can also view the results here.

On an appointment can be made, for which use is made of DigiD. Based on the entered zip code, the system then shows available test locations and times. A confirmation will follow via text message or e-mail.

You can also view the results of the corona test by logging in to the website. If the result is positive, the source and contact investigation is started immediately.

In addition to the possibility to schedule an appointment online, this can also still be done via the national telephone number 0800-1202. This line is available seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The call centers are not being scaled down for the time being.

Significant increase in the number of test requests

The press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) has led to massive crowds at the GGDs in the past week. The telephone lines have “exploded” due to the sudden urge of the Dutch to schedule corona tests.

Normally, a maximum of three hundred tests would have been scheduled, but on Thursday evening that number rose to about two thousand within one hour. Call centers of the GGDs eventually had to stay open longer to help everyone with an appointment.

New portal relieves GGDs and shortens waiting times

The figures are a small victory for Prime Minister Rutte, who wanted to use the press conference as a wake-up call for the Netherlands. According to the prime minister, corona measures are no longer properly enforced and the number of people who had themselves tested for the corona virus seemed to be in a downward spiral.

By opening the online portal, the GGDs can be relieved and the waiting times for the results of the tests to be shortened.


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