Coronavirus has increased inequality between women and men: Money: Economy:


The coronavirus pandemic has widened the wage gap between women and men and has led to even greater inequality in the United States and around the world. Study this was published on the website of the American National Bureau of Economic Research.

The coronavirus crisis has hit women much harder. The pay gap widened by 5 percentage points. This trend is explained by the fact that many of the women are employed in the hospitality and service industries – in these industries, work has been almost completely suspended. The unemployment rate for men increased in the United States by 9.9 percentage points from February to April, and for women by 12.8 percentage points.

“In the short to medium term, the economic crisis is undermining the position of women in the labor market, first through direct loss of employment and then through loss of career experience,” the study said. But in the long run, the authors argue, a recession could narrow the gender gap in the labor market. They point to an increase in the number of men performing childcare responsibilities.

In Russia, women earn 28 percent less than men with the same qualifications, according to a study by the think tank NAFI.


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