Experts agree: the virus has mutated and is weakening


According to Sona Peková, a Czech leader in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and virology, Czechs no longer have to worry about a covid pandemic.

I don’t expect the second wave, there is nothing to recruit from. The virus really weakens when it disappears

Soňa Peková, molecular geneticist

“As I said two months ago, I don’t expect the second wave, there is nothing to recruit from. The virus is really weakening when it disappears, as I expected, “is a molecular molecular genetician.

Epidemiologist Roman Prymula points out that the coronavirus did not disappear, but according to him it is clear that it has changed, from our point of view for the better, that it has weakened. “It simply came to our notice then. He mutated in some way, “the server quoted his evaluation as saying.

“It may stay, but we’ll get used to it”

Jiří Beneš from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Na Bulovce Hospital (NNB) prefers to keep this virus with us permanently.

In his new coronavirus manual, published by a leading Czech infectionist, he reassures him. According to him, no one really has to be afraid of the same effects as, for example, during the medieval plague.

Covid-19 is not a medieval plague, it is a respiratory viral infection that we can deal with

Jiří Beneš, infectionist

Experts: the virus has mutated and is weakening

“After five months of the epidemic, it is clear that there is no point in trying to eliminate the virus from the population, we must assume that the virus will remain here. However, this is not a tragedy, we just have to learn to behave in such a way that there is no explosive spread of the disease. At present, the coronavirus epidemic is relatively calm. Worse can occur in the autumn and winter seasons, which are a period of frequent respiratory infections, “writes Beneš and advises to be vaccinated against the flu at the earliest opportunity.

“The concurrence of influenza and covid-19 worsens the course of the disease. The epidemic occurrence of both diseases at the same time complicates the diagnosis and disproportionately burdens the health system, “adds Beneš.

Vaccination, along with the automation of hygiene habits, is the only thing one can do now. And stop being afraid.

“The most important thing is to keep a cool head, behave responsibly and not panic. Covid-19 is not a medieval plague, it is a respiratory viral infection with which we must learn to live normally, “says Beneš.

Plague in a yurt, not in civilization

Historically, the world’s largest pandemic with 50 million victims has been caused by the plague, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has now categorized as a re-emerging disease. The first victim was claimed by the smoke plague in July, and the second case of death to the Black Death was reported by Chinese authorities in the same area, Inner Mongolia, last week. However, the Czechs do not have to worry about this.

“It’s time to stop massaging the neuroticized people. Of course, Yersinia pestis (plague-infectious infection) occurs in nature, but there is no need to make a case of it. This infection can be feared by a traveler sleeping somewhere in the steppe in a yurt, not by the inhabitants of the civilized world, “Peková told Práva.


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