Finding coronavirus meters away from the patient does not affect insight


Finding live corona virus at a distance of 2 to 4.8 meters from a corona patient has no influence on the understanding of how the virus spreads. That says professor of microbiology Bert Niesters of the UMCG.

American scientists recently discovered that living virus particles from a patient were found at a relatively great distance. Live means that it concerns virus particles that can infect cells in laboratory research. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed and is inconclusive about its exact role in the spread of the virus. Sneezes leave to the WE know that this research will not change his view. “I believe that the virus is blowing around patients. That is why we also put on protective clothing and wear masks and glasses when we are close to the patient. But in most situations the spread seems to be mainly via large droplets. ”

It is not new that genetic material of the virus is detected in the air. What is new is that virus particles have been grown from the air around patients. If the test is correct, this means that there may be infectious virus in small air droplets.


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