Guilty without trial: how the hospitalization of Mikhail Efremov will affect his case


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If the defendant does not have an urgent need for hospitalization, it is better to refuse it: judges do not like it when the process is unreasonably prolonged. Lawyers told Izvestia about this, commenting on another failed meeting in the case of Mikhail Efremov. On Tuesday, August 11, the actor accused of a fatal accident was due to testify. However, the hearing had to be postponed until Wednesday. due to hospitalizations actor. The defendant was taken to the Botkin hospital with suspicion of a pre-stroke or pre-infarction condition.

A few hours later, when the passions at the courthouse subsided, information arrived that the doctors’ fears were not confirmed.

At the same time, lawyers on both sides have not yet undertaken to argue how seriously ill the actor is.

With flashing lights to the hospital

The next meeting in the case of Mikhail Efremov was scheduled for 14:00. Closer to this time, a car of the Federal Penitentiary Service drove up to the court building, in which the honored artist was. When the back doors were opened, it became clear: the accused was clearly not greeting. The actor was lying on the seat, unable to get up and get out of the car. The bailiffs came to the rescue, who escorted Mikhail Efremov to the building. The defendant was walking with difficulty, dragging his right leg.

– This is a clear sign of a neurological problem that can lead to a heart attack or stroke, says a senior researcher at the Laboratory of General Geriatrics and Neurogeriatrics of the Russian Gerontological scientific and clinical center RNIMU them. N.I. Pirogova Elen Mkhitaryan.

According to the physician, a pre-stroke or pre-infarction condition can be coming, that is, not lead to more serious consequences. However, even in this case, there is a risk of relapse.

The next day after the onset of symptoms usually becomes decisive – the patient’s condition either improves or worsens. Both heart attack and stroke can be fatal.

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Seeing the idol in such a serious condition, the support group of the actor began to chant: “Everything will be fine!” One of the fans was so worried that she even burst into tears.

In the courthouse, Mikhail Efremov was immediately taken to the bailiffs’ room, and literally 10 minutes later an ambulance team arrived. The lawyer of the accused Elman Pashayev appeared next.

After examining the actor, the doctors delivered their verdict – you cannot do without hospitalization.

“We need four people,” the doctor turned to the bailiffs.

“We’ll organize,” one of them replied.

The entrance and exit to the courthouse were blocked. The actor was carried out on a stretcher into the street and put into an ambulance car, in which he went to the intensive care unit of the Botkin hospital.

The right to hospitalization

According to the doctors, Mikhail Efremov has either a pre-stroke or pre-infarction condition, which is extremely serious. He was unconscious. It is not known why he was brought to court in such a state.

Elman Pashayev

counsel for the accused

“I don’t know what happened to him yesterday. I was on a business trip in Novosibirsk and returned late in the evening. I learned from the media that he felt bad yesterday, – Elman Pashayev told reporters.

By the way, on the eve of a number of publications reported that Mikhail Efremov’s health problems began after watching the scandalous Sochi – Spartak match. The actor is a longtime fan red-white club.

The lawyer of the victims, Alexander Dobrovinsky, was also not informed about the defendant’s condition in advance – he found out about it already in the courtroom. When asked if Mikhail Efremov could feign, he said:

– I always believe everyone, until the moment I was not deceived.

Later it became known that the diagnosis of “stroke” in the actor was not confirmed. According to REN TV, it was an ischemic attack.

Human rights activist Viktor Pogudin, in an interview with Izvestia, emphasized that if the defendant’s condition allows him to avoid hospitalization, it is better not to abuse the right to stay in the hospital.

“If the court doubts the validity of being in a medical facility, it can interrogate the chief physician or appoint a forensic examination,” the lawyer explained.

In practice, if there are no grounds for being in the hospital, it will not bring positive results to the defendant. The delay in the consideration of criminal cases in this way by the court is not welcomed and, of course, will be reflected in the verdict.

Victor Pogudin

human rights defender

Alexander Dobrovinsky himself again got to the courtroom with adventures – now the lawyer had to go to the meeting, accompanied by a security guard. The reason for this was the trick of the actor Nikita Dzhigurda, who came to support a colleague in the shop.

– Show your diploma! The diploma is fake! – Shouted Dzhigurda after the quickly retreating lawyer of the victims.

The eccentric artist also had his own version of the fatal road accident, of which Mikhail Efremov is accused.

Our Misha is innocent, he was not driving. I know that, I have conducted my own investigation. There is a record where it can be seen that a person is sitting behind the wheel in different clothes. A stuntman, a trained man, was driving.

Nikita Dzhigurda

At Izvestia’s request to comment on Dzhigurda’s speech, lawyer Dobrovinsky responded with a smile.

“Crime is punishment”

In addition to the testimony of Mikhail Efremov himself, it was expected that on Tuesday the victims will submit claims for compensation. Even before the meeting, it became known that the eldest son of the deceased, Vitaly Zakharov, estimated the moral damage inflicted on him at 6.5 million rubles.

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because of They did not have time to file a claim for the postponement of the hearing. But after it was announced, we expect another wave of insults (from the defendant’s defense – Izvestia). And if our expectations are justified, the amount of compensation may change, ”his lawyer Sergei Avertsev told Izvestia.

The human rights activist noted that Vitaly Zakharov could not arrive at the courtroom due to feeling unwell.

– The compensation of 6.5 million may seem reasonable for such a situation, but in practice the courts do not satisfy civil claims in such amounts, – said lawyer Viktor Pogudin. – Most likely, the victims can count on no more than three million.

The amount of compensation from the rest of Sergei Zakharov’s relatives – his wife, youngest son and brother – their lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky to announce still not in a hurry.

On behalf of my principals, two statements of claim have been prepared for different amounts. Which one will be served depends on how the situation will develop.

Alexander Dobrovinsky

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The defender of Mikhail Efremov reacted calmly to the claim, but he called the dependence of the amount of compensation on his personal statements “ridiculous”. “They can just sue me,” Elman Pashayev told Izvestia.

At the canceled meeting, the speech of the relatives of the deceased was also planned. Muscovite Roman Daraganov came to support them and staged a one-man picket outside the court with a poster “Crime is Punishment”.

– Tired of looking at how they are trying to get rid of Efremov’s term. He, like other public figures, has an impact on public opinion. Therefore, I think that they should be prohibited from engaging in their public activities for such crimes, ”the activist explained his position to Izvestia.

because of The accused’s hospitalization session was postponed until Wednesday.

Elena Sidorenko

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