how much money do Latvians need to live normally


How much money does an ordinary Latvian need per month to live normally, and how much is needed to make all dreams come true

RIGA, Aug 11 – Sputnik. After the coronavirus pandemic, the financial appetites of Latvians have decreased by how much, a survey by the SKDS research center showed.

The results were published by the director of the center Arnis Kaktins on Twitter.

“In July of this year, in order to live a normal life, on average, one Latvian would have had enough 1338 euros per month. This is 128 euros less than last year, but slightly more than in 2018. It can be concluded that the coronavirus as a whole is not much lowered requirements for the financial aspect of life “, – wrote Kaktinsh.

In general, the requests of Latvians decreased by 9% over the year. Before that, the amount required for a normal life had been growing for two years.

“Dreams during the period of COVID-19 fell a little. In June of this year, one Latvian would have to earn 3378 euros a month on average to make all dreams come true. This is 176 euros less than a year earlier. It can be seen that dreams are falling in price more slowly than requirements for a normal life, “- wrote the sociologist.

As Sputnik Latvia already wrote, in the first months of the coronavirus crisis, every second Latvian noted a drop in welfare.

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