How to avoid infection with Covid-19: the doctor called the most effective way


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How to avoid infection with Covid-19: the doctor called the most effective way

A physician from the University of Colorado in the United States called the most effective way to avoid contracting coronavirus. She noted that nothing special is needed for this.

Mechanical engineering professor Shelley Miller said that the most important thing in order not to get infected with Covid-19 is to constantly ventilate the room. It is important to get rid of stale air, the newspaper writes. Conversation.

According to Shelley Miller, if the virus gets inside the building, then fresh air can be given outside to be able to remove the pathogen from the room. If there are several people inside the room, then thorough ventilation must be done at least six times an hour.

In commercial buildings, air is supplied through heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and in ordinary residential buildings through open windows and cracks.

It is necessary to renew the air much more frequently during a pandemic. Scientists stated this in their study back in 2016, when the SARS, MERS and H1N1 pandemics raged. Experts recommended airing at least 9 times per hour, and thus the risk of infection was reduced significantly.

Where there is no air conditioning or ventilation system, Miller advises keeping windows and doors open at all times so that the air is constantly renewed.

In order to check the level of air exchange in the room, Miller recommends determining the concentration of carbon dioxide. Outdoors, the carbon dioxide level is just over 400 ppm, and in well-ventilated rooms it is 800 ppm. For the virus not to survive, you need at least 600 parts per million. To check – you can use special carbon dioxide sensors.


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