Youth campsite on Terschelling closed earlier after corona infections


A youth campsite on Terschelling will close two weeks earlier than planned because two camping guests have been infected with the corona virus.

After the discovery of the infections, owner Geert-Jan van Dieren of camping Appelhof has decided to close the site from 17 August. “The season is starting to end, but now that it appears that two of our visitors have become infected with the corona virus, we will close earlier. Guests are approached to cancel free of charge,” he says at Omrop Fryslân.

Two youngsters from Noord-Holland tested positive for the corona virus when they returned home after a stay at the youth campsite. According to the GGD, it is possible that they became infected on the campsite, or infected other people in the first week of August. This means that other visitors may also have contracted the virus. The GGD Fryslân will therefore open a temporary corona test location on Terschelling tomorrow.

Inform immediately

The campsite owner says he immediately informed the municipality when he heard that the two boys turned out to have corona. He will inform the camping guests who are there now, and the guests who were there at the same time as the infected pair. The GGD calls on young people who were at the campsite last week to have themselves tested if they have complaints. After source and contact investigation, according to the GGD, it does not appear that the young people on the island have had contact with older or vulnerable people, or with people from outside the campsite.

“You don’t want this, it is very annoying for those affected and for the entrepreneur. But it was not the question whether but when the virus would appear on Terschelling. The islands are overcrowded with tourists, so I am not surprised”, say observing mayor Jon Hermans-Vloedbeld at the regional broadcaster.


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