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Former U.S. Vice President and most credible Democrat candidate in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, Joe Biden has chosen Senator Kamal Harris as his vice president. Former California State Attorney General and now Senator Harris has recently been active in advocating for black American rights, as she is also an immigrant child. Some commentators have already called him the next leader of the Democrats.


  • Democratic presidential candidate Biden has chosen Kamal Harris as vice president.
  • At first, she was one of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for president.
  • But in December, she withdrew from the next campaign, calling for support for Biden.
  • Back in the summer, Harris filed a lawsuit against Biden over his ideas on racism.
  • ABC commentator: Harris comes from another generation, she will become a Democratic leader.
  • Trump about Harry: She is a person who has told a lot of false stories.
  • Polls: Biden’s Trump is ahead of about 6% to 10% of the vote.

But before that, Biden and Harris still have to win the current president, Donald Trump, who will try to get his re-election for a second term in November.

In mid-July, the US Democratic Party National Convention was to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The event is significant in that it formally approves the party’s candidate for the upcoming United States presidential election.

However, the July convention has been postponed to the first half of next week due to the coronavirus epidemic, and the whole intrigue of the Democratic presidential candidate has long since disappeared.

The confirmation of former US Vice President Joe Biden in this position is no longer a formality.

But there was another intrigue for several months. Namely, what Joe Biden will choose as his vice presidential candidate. For some time, Biden did not hide the fact that she would be a woman. So the question was – which one? One of the most realistic candidates was initially mentioned as one of the presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren, but after the issue of African American law came up, it became clear that the candidate would most likely be a woman of a different skin color.

Among the candidates were former US Secretary of State Susan Rice, as well as another presidential candidate, Kamal Harris. At the beginning of the pre-election campaign, she was even among the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination, but withdrew from the next campaign in December.

In June, after widespread protests against police violence and the rights of black Americans, Senator Kamal Harris returned to the spotlight as a former California state attorney general.

It is this aspect that has prompted Joe Biden to choose Kamal Harris as his vice president.

Biden announced his decision on Twitter, calling Harris a fearless fighter.

For many, this choice has seemed strange, given that in the summer of last summer, in the debate over the Democratic party’s presidential candidates, Kamala Harris was quite ruthless against Biden about his ideas on racism.

“I do not think you are a racist. And I agree with you when you call for a common view. However, it was very painful for me to hear you talk about the reputation of two US senators who have built their careers and reputations on racial segregation in this country. You worked with these people to oppose federal funding for school buses. You know, there was a girl in California who was considered a second-class person to be integrated into public schools and who was taken to school by bus every day. That girl was me. There can be no intellectual debate among Democrats on this issue. We need to take this issue seriously, ”said Kamala Harris at the time.

These statements at the time led Biden to justify what he really thought. After leaving the pre-election campaign, Kamala Harris also soon called on her supporters to continue to support Joe Biden’s candidacy, and the two more than once took part in joint campaign activities.

According to George Stefanopoulos, ABC’s commentator, despite the normalization of relations, Biden is likely to have been in doubt for a very long time.

However, this decision is in any case historic, including for the future of the entire Democratic Party.

“Throughout this process, Joe Biden’s main question was – can I trust Kamala Harris? Will she be a good partner in the Oval Office? Will I have to look back all the time, or will the Vice President watch and protect me from behind all the time? Apparently, he has realized that he will be able to work together. But when it comes to historical choices, she’s not just the first black woman to apply for the job. She automatically becomes the future of the Democratic Party if Joe Biden wins. The leading Democratic candidates, Joe Biden and Childney Sanders, are 77 and 78 years old, respectively.

Kamala Harris comes from another generation and she automatically becomes the leader of this generation of Democrats, ”explained George Stefonopolis.

Becoming the leader of the next Democrats would actually mean that Kamala Harris is already preparing for the 2024 and 2028 presidential elections. And that would mean that potentially in the future, she could also become the first woman in the US presidency, a woman whose immigrants are both immigrants – from Jamaica and India.

But before making far-reaching plans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s team must defeat current AV president Donald Trump and his vice president Mike Pence. Shortly after Baiden’s statement, Trump also expressed his views on this choice.

“She is a person who has told a lot of false stories. She is actively advocating for tax increases, she wants to reduce funding for our armed forces to an amount that is hard to believe, ”Tramps said.

“She is against shale gas and oil products. How does she think to go to Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio or the great state of Texas? She advocates the socialization of the medical care system – you will lose your health care plans, your doctors. 180 million Americans would be deprived of their health insurance plans. From the very beginning, she was my “first draft choice” and let’s see how it works. She had a very poor pre-election, so I was quite surprised that Biden chose her. I watched her for a long time because she was extremely nasty against the current Supreme Court judge Cavano. I will not forget it so soon. She had a bad pre-election, and now she has been elected – let’s see how it will work, ”said Trump.

Opinion polls show that Democrat Biden, who is about six to 10 percent ahead of Donald Trump, is more likely to win.

For the time being, however, it is too early to predict how these prospects will increase or decrease with Kamala Harris’ election as the next vice president.


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