Coronavirus: Limit of 200 cases per day – What experts say about new measures


Scientists expect cases to stabilize by the end of the week following the imposition of new measures

Scientists continue to worry about the rapid rise in cases coronavirus in our country in the last days. According to the assistant professor at the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Medical School of EKPA, Gikas Majorkinis “We expect a stabilization from the end of the week based on the measures taken in the last 10 days with the generalization of maskAnd added that “if we stay less than 200 cases and we do not see 250-300 cases, we are at a good level».

But if the opposite happens, the professor stressed that additional measures should be taken. “If we exceed 200 cases steadily, then we will have to see again by the middle of next week if they need to be taken. new measures“He said speaking to SKAI, emphasizing that an important parameter is the number of intubated. “If we look at the quality characteristics given by ΕΟΔΥ, there is one a significant number of cases are orphaned and this number is constantly increasing. The other quality feature we are interested in is the intubated ones, in which we saw a tripling within a few weeks. “If we see that the number of intubated people reaches extremely large numbers, for example 150, it is certain that additional measures will be needed.”

About his measure restriction of hours until 12 at night in 15 areas of the country, Mr. Majorkinis commented that “by limiting the opening hours of health care stores until 12 at night, the time that there is an exhibition is also limited. When there is no limit, I imagine people start at 12 and end at 8 in the morning. Thus, in theory, the hours are shorter, less waste is made and it is easier to observe the measure. If we see that there is a continuous and extensive transmission, we will have to think of other measures. I think this was milder than generally closing in other countries». The professor reiterated that with the number of cases recorded at this time, there is second wave dynamics.

Mina Gaga: We can not say that the mask bothers us

The director of the 7th pulmonology of Sotiria hospital, Mina Gaga on the occasion of the intense concern from the rapid increase of the coronavirus cases speaks on the subject, drawing attention to the use of the mask and to the taking of hygiene and protection measures by all.

According to Ms. Gaga, most of them have been disciplined in the measures, while she stressed that “we can not say that we are bothered by the mask”. The director of the 7th pulmonology of Sotiria hospital stressed that the canvas masks are ideal to wear and do not cause any problems even in patients with asthma. Ms. Gaga noted that at night people relax and that’s where things get out of hand, but sitting at home leads nowhere. “There must be individual responsibility,” he stressed


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