Covid-19 confused the plans of applicants | Euronews


Student candidates across Europe are experiencing similar feelings these days: due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have already lost their graduation parties after graduation, and now admission to universities will not be carried out as usual.

In the UK – the day of the announcement of the results of the two-year pre-university training A-Level, decisions this time without preliminary exams. and applicants are worried. Eida Bilish is one of them:

“We were preparing for these exams, we were waiting for them, and now we will not be able to pass them. So of course my friends and I are upset. But we have to go through this “ – complains Ada.

All of her friends are afraid that the system for making decisions during the COVID-19 period will not reflect their current level, and also worry about their future.

“Our first year will not be like a regular university year, and we also worry that this may change the job market in the future. How will they hire employees? How much? This uncertainty is very tiring.”

Angela Barnes, Euronews: “Due to the coronavirus, final scores are calculated based on teachers ‘grades, A-Levels, and students’ previous high school performance. But many parents and students see this as unfair.”

Georgina Keenan also studied at the A-Level preparatory department.

“I thought that if you make every effort to prepare for the exams and try your best during the exam, you will show your best side, then later you will at least know that you did everything you could. And now I don’t have that feeling,” she says.

But many teachers believe that they simply had no choice.

“This is not a perfect system, – admits Simon Godden, headmaster of Trinitz school. – But if you look at it that way, then passing exams is also not an ideal system for assessing knowledge. Therefore, taking into account all aspects and the current situation, I believe that the methods developed are not so bad. “

The new system provides schools with the right to appeal results in certain circumstances. And on Tuesday, the UK Department of Education said that applicants will also be able to reject the average grade and use instead the points obtained on mock exams passed earlier this year, if they are higher. There is also an opportunity to retake exams in the fall. All these measures are taken by the government in an attempt to make the system as fair as possible.


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