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Radio station “Echo of Moscow”

, 12 August 2020

Crimea was massively bombed with a crown. I am sure that the situation is getting out of control, or maybe it has long since gone out. Even the official data on the crown flatters the Crimean reality.

An unambiguous growth, the day before yesterday a new anti-record was broken – 48 cases, 40 yesterday, 38 today. More than in April and May combined are detected in a week. We see how the number of coronavirus cases detected has been steadily growing over the past month and a half, and I am sure that this is not due to an increase in testing. An uncontrolled tourist flow and a complete lack of precautions is a short description of the current situation in Crimea.

The Crimean Ministry of Health has taken unprecedented steps – an infectious diseases hospital has been deployed on the basis of the clinical maternity hospital No. 2 in Simferopol and announced an urgent search for doctors to fight the infection, which are sorely lacking.

In private conversations with doctors, I hear pain and lack of understanding of the current situation, when, in their opinion, my rather pessimistic assessments are actually too optimistic. They say that somersaults with statistics are obvious, but it is already difficult to hide it.

Between the health, safety of citizens and the tourist season, the choice was made in favor of the dough, and it is difficult for me to blame the Crimean authorities for this, who follow the recommendations, and the guidelines of the federal center. The tourist flow is really very large, millions of tourists flooded at once to the Crimea. Most accommodation facilities are packed right to the neck, not only now, but also for the months of September and October. There is no mask mode, no social distance – everyone is sitting on each other’s heads.

Crimea is on the verge and this is recognized by many of my interlocutors, representatives of the tourism industry. Rarely, who are the conscious of the owners and managers of hotels, try to observe reasonable precautions and preventive measures – masks for staff, disinfection of premises, and the sense of this if tourists leave the doorstep of hotels and then how lucky.

But the last straw in the patience of many Crimean residents was the story of the lobbied Kiselev Jazz and Rap festivals in Koktebel, as well as the Tavrida forum. They were allowed to conduct them and I want to ask – Not ashamed? Everyone understands everything, but does not understand when the authorities are ready to follow the lead of thugs organizers, when the crown covered Crimea.

In this case, the Russian may not work, and the Crimeans remember how they had nightmares when there were several dozen sick. Crimean officials understand everything, but they cannot do anything. August is the peak of the season, the reaping of the dough, and many have absolutely no time for it. Rescuing drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves, and my advice to all those who are going to the South is not, take care of your health and cash.

In general, in Crimea, this year is a holiday for hucksters and black cash.

But this is a separate report, how crowds of barbarian tourists destroy the nature of the Crimea, and local hucksters are rowing tons of loot past the box office.

How is the situation with the corona in your region? Write and read me Here!

A. Gorny


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