Degtyarev promised to fire the acting. transport minister for sabotage


Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev said that he would most likely dismiss Acting Transport Minister Maxim Prokhorov for sabotage. Earlier, Prokhorov, according to the acting interlocutor, tried to trick the repair of the road in one of the districts of the region to the next year. Degtyarev said this in an interview with the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Khabarovsk”.

According to Degtyarev, during his working trip, he examined the Novy Urgal – Chegdomyn highway, which “all the governors had already promised to build,” but nothing was done.

“I requested data on the 2020 budget – money [на ремонт дороги] not pledged. People are indignant [так как им] promised. I give a direct order to take [деньги] from the reserve fund, divided into stages, to start work at least in September, so that at least something to do. People cannot drive, they kill their own vehicles, ”Degtyarev was indignant.

The next day, Prokhorov confirmed that he was working on an assignment, but a day later he gave an interim “on the sly, in a pile” order to postpone road repairs to next year due to its inexpediency.

“This sabotage is straightforward. An insolent person, acting Minister of Transport Prokhorov, it does. What will I do with it? Most likely I will fire him, ”Degtyarev promised.

He also said that he organized a secret check of copayments to doctors working with patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus. In early April, President Vladimir Putin suggested that such allowances be established; they are valid until the end of August. According to Degtyarev, he began checking after doctors reported that they had not been paid the required allowances since May. “The federal budget [все деньги в край] listed, and I get signals that people have not received. So I want to understand where the truth is, and I will definitely understand it, ”promised the interim.

In August, a draft resolution was published on the regional portal of legal information, allowing officials fly on business trips business class. The document canceled the ban of the former governor Sergei Furgal on the flights of business travelers business class. The publication on the official resource suggests that Degtyarev approved this project.

Before that, the interim official asked the residents of the region on his Instagram how much, in their opinion, the official should attract federal budget funds to the region in order to pay for the flight. business class.

After the publication of the draft resolution Degtyarev said it was fake, and denied the intention to cancel Furgal’s order. The government called the publication of the document an apparatus sabotage.

Sergei Furgal was detained in early July and later accused of organizing the murders of entrepreneurs and attempted murder. The former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory does not admit guilt. On July 20, Putin dismissed him from his post due to a loss of confidence and appointed Degtyarev as interim governor. After Furgal was detained, protest actions began in the region, which do not subside until now.


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