Golubovskaya: algorithms should be developed in case of complication of the situation with COVID-19 – news on UNN


KIEV. August 13. UNN. Autumn-winter may bring an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19. To make it easier for Ukraine to get through this difficult period, epidemiologists need to calculate options and develop instructions. You should also stock up on essential medications. About this in an exclusive interview UNN told the infectious disease doctor Olga Golubovska.

The doctor expressed hope that the autumn rise, which is called the “second wave”, will not be ten times higher than today’s incidence. But epidemiologists must calculate different scenarios.

“But we need to stock up for the winter. We need to think about beds. We need to know clearly, calculate several scenarios – easy, moderate and difficult. And prepare for a difficult scenario. By the way, epidemiologists have previously written to us what to do if there is such a number per 10,000 population.

It should be all painted, because, as world practice shows, not only ours, when everything develops, first, never think. Secondly, everyone falls from their feet tired, unable to do such productive work. Third, there is panic. And it is all over the world. You and I saw what was happening with Ebola … ”, Golubovska explained.

She added that in such critical conditions, it is often difficult for people to act rationally, and therefore should prepare in advance.

“To prevent this, we must stock up on medication. You need to have at least some stock. It is calculated. Here I told you that about 5 percent of people have a severe course of the disease. And not all of these 5 percent require even those drugs that I talked about (drugs that act on the symptoms of coronavirus disease, especially in critically ill patients – ed.), But 2-3 percent. Here is to calculate at least an approximate need and stock up so that they are, so that we can predict the severe course of the disease, “- said Golubovska.

She stressed another important aspect: the fatigue of health workers who have been involved in working with COVID-19 patients since March. According to her, the way out could be a shift method of work, because that’s how people could rest. However, all this requires miscalculations and clear algorithms of action, which must be developed with the participation of epidemiologists.

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As reported UNNAs of the morning of August 13, 1,592 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Ukraine, which is a daily record since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine. A record number of more than 300 people were also hospitalized.


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