Halkidiki-Koronovios: Rage for a concert at a beach bar – 2,000 people, three bartenders positive – Society


It seems that a concert organized at a beach bar in Halkidiki developed into a outbreak of coronavirus, with the specific information circulating in the last days in the area.

According to information, the controversial concert took place on August 2 at the bar located in the first “leg” of Halkidiki in Hanioti.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sotiris Tsiodras told reporters that the coronavirus was transmitted to the nursing home with the 36 cases by a young man who attended a concert in Halkidiki. According to information from thestival.gr, this is the specific concert, which was attended by about 2,000 people.

Specifically, Sotiris Tsiodras said during his statements: “Unfortunately it came from staff, which was positive contact from Halkidiki. This is how it seems in the first samples, a young staff member came in contact with a positive case from a concert in Halkidiki. So this example shows how the virus can pass from a safe place, to an island, from young people having fun, to a very sensitive unit, with older people. I saw them all, I greeted them one by one, most of them are in good health, those who are positive will be transported to hospitals in Thessaloniki “.

Three bartenders preparing drinks for the whole world tested positive for the coronavirus. The same goes for an athlete from a professional football team.

An employee of the beach bar complained to thestival that a “line” was given not to find out the existence of cases so as not to discredit the company. The staff was asked for complete secrecy but some considered it wrong and reported what happened.

At the same time well-known businessman in the field of entertainment states in thestival“Artists should also add water to their wine and download their cassette. It is not possible to ask for 20,000 for a concert. Where will this money come from? Entrepreneurs are forced to put more people in their stores in order not to go bankrupt. We give bread to thousands of families “.

Prosecution intervention for the nursing home

The head of the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office ordered a preliminary investigation into the nursing home in Asvestochori, where 36 cases of coronavirus were detected (33 residents and 3 employees).

As broadcast by TV100, Stefanos Zarkatzias ordered a preliminary investigation to investigate any responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus.


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