He wore a mask on his car to draw attention to Covid-19 measures


Melih Erakyol, a tradesman living in Ödemiş district of Izmir, is trying to raise awareness about the use of masks by wandering the streets with a 1973 model Vosvos, in which he wears a large mask.

Erakyol, who works as a furniture manufacturer in the district and also acts as the president of the Küçük Menderes Vosvos Volunteers Association, took action to raise awareness when he saw that some citizens did not comply with the obligation to use masks.

Erakyol prepared a mask to be worn in front of the 1973 Volkswagen car, which he called “Lemonade”. Erakyol, wandering the streets of the district with his car with the mask attached, managed to attract the attention of many citizens.

Erakyol told the AA correspondent that people were not being meticulous enough about Covid-19 measures. “I wanted to increase public awareness by wearing a mask on my Vosvos.” Erakyol said: “Since March, the mask has become a part of our life. Although the number of cases has increased, we see that our people are not sensitive to this issue. We see our people walking around without masks. While we strive as much, at least we should support them by wearing masks, following social distance and hygiene rules. ”

Erakyol added that those who saw his car smiled and saluted by showing the masks that some citizens wear.


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