In the Luhansk region for days COVID-19 confirmed at six more people: whence they


Over the past 24hrs in the Luhansk region, COVID-19 was confirmed in six people. About this reported in the Luhansk regional laboratory center of the Ministry of Health. In general, there has been a rapid increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the region in recent days.

As of the morning of August 12, COVID-19 was confirmed in three residents of Severodonetsk. The disease was confirmed in two patients with pneumonia and in one person who was in self-isolation after returning from Russia and came into contact with a previously ill patient.

COVID-19 was confirmed in three residents of Starobilskyi district. Among the infected, one person came into contact with a previously ill, one patient with pneumonia, one person studied by polymerase chain reaction showed a positive result in preparation for planned hospitalization.

As of the morning of August 12, 167 people became ill with coronavirus in Luhansk region, 118 of them recovered, one patient died. Currently, 48 people are being treated for COVID-19: 19 in hospitals, 29 on an outpatient basis.

What is the situation in Svativ district

For the past day in Svativskyi district 21 people underwent rapid tests for COVID-19, the results were negative. There are 39 people in self-isolation.

Three patients with pneumonia and three patients with acute respiratory disease are treated in the infectious department of Svativska General Hospital.

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