News for breakfast: Degtyarev’s bacchanalia – Khabarovsk News – Khabarovsk News on


  1. News for breakfast: Degtyarev’s bacchanalia – News from Khabarovsk News from Khabarovsk on
  2. Degtyarev promised to fire the acting. Minister of Transport for sabotage News
  3. Degtyarev spoke about Belarusian flags at rallies in Khabarovsk RIA Novosti
  4. Degtyarev: “Anyone who came out to the rally in support of Furgal harms him” KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA RADIO
  5. They want to transfer the yacht “Victoria” to the Khabarovsk schoolchildren. Network edition “Information agency” Khabarovsk Krai today “
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