ON-LINE: Brazil reports over 55,000 infections, Venezuela’s infected minister


04:48 – V Brazil, where 210 million people live, a total of 3,164,785 people have been infected with coronavirus since the epidemic began, of whom 104,201 died. The country is thus the second worst affected country in the world after coronavirus in terms of the number of confirmed cases and deaths.

04:40Jorge Rodríguez, Venezuelan Minister of Information and a close adviser to President Nicolas Madur announced that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. He thus became another of a number of Venezuelan high-ranking government officials who became infected. Among others, the number two man of the ruling Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello, and the Minister of the Oil Industry, Tareck el Aissami, became infected.

04:35 – The increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the Australian state of Victoria, which is the focus of the epidemic in the country, has slowed down. Australia on Thursday, it announced 290 new cases, at least since July 20. Coronavirus has been confirmed in more than 22,500 people in Australia since the outbreak, 361 of whom died.

04:25New Zealand reported 13 more cases of domestic transmission of the infection and one infected, in which the coronavirus was detected after returning from abroad. The first cases of domestic transmission of coronavirus first appeared after more than 100 days on Tuesday in Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island.

04:15 Chilean authorities announced that after almost five months, they will partially release the strict quarantine measures imposed due to the covid-19 epidemic in the center of the capital Santiago de Chile. All businesses and shops will open, but only people living nearby will be able to visit them. In addition, quarantine measures will remain in force on weekends. In total, the country with 18 million inhabitants since the first confirmed case has recorded 351,419 infected, of which 10,205 have died.


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