One third of Kharkiv residents accidentally learn that patients with coronavirus – news on UNN


KIEV. August 13. UNN. A third of Kharkiv residents learn that coronavirus patients accidentally transmit UNN with reference to Kharkiv Today.

It is specified that many Kharkiv residents take the COVID-19 test not because they are suspected of having a coronavirus, but because they need to get a certificate of no disease.

“Another point that gives us some numbers is the need to get a certificate of no disease on COVID-19. People go to private laboratories, pass this test and get a positive result. We have 20-30% of positive results every day,” he said. Deputy Mayor for Health and Social Protection Svitlana Gorbunova-Ruban.

The information is passed to medical institutions, doctors get in touch with patients and it turns out that they did not even suspect that they had coronavirus.

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“It turns out that someone did not feel any symptoms at all for the past period of time. Someone says: he coughed so little, his throat hurt, and he felt so good, so he did not consider himself sick. Someone says – there was an allergic reaction to something, stuffy nose , I stopped smelling. Everyone has their own moments. And someone has no moments at all – asymptomatic, “- said Gorbunova-Ruban.

We will remind, the ELISA screening of inhabitants of Gastomel showed that they suffer from a coronavirus very often too without any symptoms.

Note that ELISA tests can determine whether a person is sick with COVID-19 or has already transmitted the virus. Interim results of such a study in Ivano-Frankivsk, for example, indicate that about 27% of the city’s population has already contracted the coronavirus.


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