Pandemic: Trump informed about the creation of a Russian vaccine against COVID-19 – news on UNN


KIEV. August 14. UNN. US President Donald Trump was informed about the vaccine created in Russia against the new coronavirus “Satellite V”. This was announced on Thursday at a press briefing by White House spokeswoman Kaylee McKinney, notes UNN.

“The president was informed about it. He is also informed about the progress in the development of our own vaccines, “she said, answering journalists’ questions whether the American leader knew about the Russian vaccine.

“Our vaccines are currently undergoing a third phase of clinical trials, which is being thoroughly tested, in which 30,000 people are being tested to ensure its absolute health safety. These are the standards for the development of our American vaccines, and this is very important, ”the spokeswoman added.

The White House expects that one of the American vaccines involved in the trials will be ready for use by the end of the year.


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