Pandemic: WHO recorded 276 thousand new cases of COVID-19 in the world per day – news on UNN


KIEV. August 13. UNN. The number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection in the world exceeded 20.43 million, an increase of 246 thousand in 24 hours. published on Thursday by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths increased by almost 7 thousand and exceeded 744 thousand, reports UNN.

As of 11:00 Kyiv time on August 13, there were 20,439,814 infected and 744,385 deaths worldwide. The number of infected people increased by 276,398 per day, the number of deaths increased by 6,933.

WHO statistics take into account only officially confirmed information on cases of infection and death provided by states.

The region of North and South America ranks first in the number of infected – 10,950,220. Over the day, this figure increased by 151,158. The number of deaths there increased by 4,502 and reached 398,229. In the European region, there are 3,668,652 infected and 218,255 deaths. In 24 hours, the number of infected increased by 26,107, 504 people died.

The region of Southeast Asia ranks third in the number of infected people in the world. There, the number of infected reached 2,830,404, 56,636 deaths were recorded. During the day, the number of infected increased by 72,582, deaths – by 1,072.

Most infected are registered in the United States – 5,094,500. Next are Brazil (3,109,630), India (2,396,637), Russia (907,758), South Africa (568,919), Mexico (492,522), Peru (489,680), Colombia (410 453), Chile (378 168) and Iran (333 699).


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