The number of deaths in the world with Covid-19 has exceeded 750,000 – worldwide


The number of deaths from the new coronavirus disease Covid-19 in the world has exceeded 750,000, according to official national statistics compiled by the AFP news agency on Thursday.

A total of 750,003 deaths were registered out of 20,667,684 infections.

Of the regions, the highest number of deaths – 228,572 – was recorded in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Almost half of the deaths were reported in four countries: the United States (166,038 cases), Brazil (104,201), Mexico (54,666) and the United Kingdom (47,033).

The number of Covid-19 casualties has doubled since June 2, with about 100,000 deaths recorded in the last 17 days.

More than 18,600 people died in Covid-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean last week. There are more than 8,000 deaths in Canada and the United States, about 7,800 in Asia, almost 2,700 in Africa and almost 2,600 in Europe.

In terms of deaths, the least affected region is Oceania, with less than 400 deaths out of an estimated 24,000 infections.

In Africa, just over 24,000 of the nearly 1.1 million people diagnosed with the new coronavirus have died so far.


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