The UK is announcing an increase in the number of coronavirus diseases. Spacing is ignored in bars


The UK is announcing more than a thousand coronavirus diseases in one day. This is the third time in the last week that such a figure has been reported.

Although the government is very interested in following the direct contacts of infected people, not many people take this rule into account.

When entering bars, people have to leave their contact details, but often employers and employees close their eyes at this stage. This is proved by a report filmed with a hidden camera.

Sky News journalists went through the bars in Manchester to see where the anti-COVID protection rules are observed. They chose pubs, because in this British city, they are the main source of the virus. Authorities ask employers to keep track of customers by asking them to write down their contact details. But in reality, things are completely different. In the first bar they entered, no one demanded accountability from the journalists. They asked when they left, “Do I have to leave you a phone number or something? If you want … But you’ve only been here 5 minutes. Normally we ask those who have been here for more than a quarter of an hour.”

The instructions given by the government are completely different. Reporters then tested another location.

Reporter: “It’s very difficult to keep your distance from those around you, isn’t it? We’re not the only pub where this happens, you understand what I mean?”

Again, no one asked them for any details about their contact details. They tried again before going out the door.

Out of 10 bars a few visited, in only one the employees were pro-active.

And inside, the physical distance left much to be desired.

Pub customer: “The more I drink, the less I keep my physical distance.
Aren’t you afraid to be very close to someone?
If the virus wants to infect you, it will, if it doesn’t, it will move on. ”

All these images were shown to reporters by the mayor of Manchester.

Andy Burnham, Manchester mayor: “We will close our eyes and I don’t think it’s just a problem here in Manchester, I think things like this are happening all over the country.”
Katerina Vittozzi, Sky News reporter: “The British pub beer association has told us that, from their point of view, most bars are subject to the rules, but local government leaders say the material we filmed raises serious issues. question marks as to how these instructions are put in place, because, after all, they are just instructions, they are not binding and they cannot be punished by law, Scotland is going to change that. over the weekend, and the leaders of the Council of England want Westminster officials to do the same. ”

The British government is convinced that once a record of direct contacts is kept, life can return to normal.


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