VIDEO. The family film, which was stopped by Covid-19, finally reaches viewers


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The fourth screening of François Hodgson’s Bernet’s novel The Mysterious Garden has finally reached the big screens – this family film also stopped the audience Covid-19.

François Hodgson’s Bernet’s novel The Secret Garden was handed over to readers for evaluation in 1911, and both this and other works by the writer, Little Lord Fontleroy (1885–1886) and Princess (1905), all published in Latvian, have included a child. on the shelves of literary classics, moreover, not only in America, but also in the author’s native Britain, and, of course, can not complain about the attention of cinematographers. The first film version of The Mysterious Garden was shot in 1919, but the film is said to have disappeared. The next one was made in 1949 with the usual scope of “MGM” – a black and white ribbon with an episode of “Technicolor” in the garden – and the main roles were played by Margaret O’Brien, Dean Stockwell and Brian Roper. The executive producer of the third screening is Frénis Ford Copola, but the director is Agneska Holland, and the film also features Maggie Smith and John Lynch. The latest version is the responsibility of director Mark Manden, whose children are played by the still unknown Dickey Angersix, Eden Heyherst and the already noticed Amir Wilson, but the role of Oscar-winning Colin Fairt and Mrs.

The life of ten-year-old Mary is not easy today – in the abundance of colors and smells of India, she has become an unpleasant, missed child who craves the mother’s attention more than anything, but the girl is denied it. After becoming an orphan, she finds herself in Yorkshire – the huge, damp and gloomy Mizltweit manor, whose owner Archibald Kreiven is unable to come to terms with his lost past. However, the girl’s life takes on color even in the gray of the moor, because even in spite of prohibitions, she discovers a world that allows her spirit to flourish: her cousin Colin, who is also denied the pleasures of childhood, the Dickon of nature and the door that hides a mysterious garden.

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Unlike the original version of the original work “Mysterious Garden”, thanks to the technical possibilities, it generously paints with colors, which also makes the garden so important for the story an almost fantastic environment in which to live for joy and love. The episodes in Mark Manden’s film from ancient times are the work of screenwriters, not the events highlighted in the pages of Hodgson’s Childnet’s book, and bring much greater clarity to Mr. Crawen’s mood and the gloomy atmosphere of Mizltweit. Mary’s drama becomes the reason why the lives of all those around her are organized, but the weak emotional seed prevents coexistence, recording this version of the “Mysterious Garden” in history with a technical performance.

The Secret Garden

  • United Kingdom, 2020
  • Director: Mark Mandens
  • Starring: Dixie Edgers, Collin Fair, Julie Waters, Amir Wilson
  • From August 14 in cinemas.

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