Corona in Belgium | Infections stabilize, deaths on the rise


An average of 606 coronavirus infections are registered in our country. In total, the counter has stood at 76,191 since the start of the outbreak. This daily updated overview gives you a guide to the numbers.

An average of 605.7 people per day became infected with the corona virus between 4 and 10 August, compared to 601.4 between 3 and 9 August. The number of hospital admissions is on average 28 per day (+ 15%). 5 corona patients die every day, an increase of 95 percent on a weekly basis.

In recent weeks, the Sciensano knowledge center has been monitoring the evolution of new infections based on the seven-day average instead of daily updates.

In this way, the weekend effect is smoothed out and the data can be supplemented with test results that are not supplied by the labs until a few days later.

Although the virus is on a plateau, it remains important to detect local outbreaks early. That is why Sciensano uses a flashing light system, in which the light switches to orange if there are more than 20 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a municipality in the past seven days. If the number of new infections then increases seven days in a row, the light turns red.

Current infections mainly affect people under 50 years of age, which is very similar to the start of the epidemic in March.

It is important to know who gets infected and where because the virus is found worldwide to spread through small explosions that can set everything on fire again without extinguishing. That is why it is crucial that the government continues to focus on the test-trace insulation strategy. It must first be possible to test on a large scale for potential infections with the corona virus.

An average of 20,000 people were tested over the past seven days. At the beginning of March, that number was around 2,000 as our clinical labs were overwhelmed by the outbreak of the pandemic. By establishing a central test platform, the capacity could be quickly expanded to 10,000 tests per day.


According to hospital statistics, an average of 28 patients are admitted to our hospitals per day. A total of 285 people with Covid-19 are in Belgian hospitals. At the height of the epidemic, there were nearly 7,000. 69 people are still being treated in intensive care.


9,892 people died in Belgium from the effects of Covid-19. During the past seven days, an average of 5 people died daily.

Not only the direct – the number of registered and suspected Covid-19 deaths – but also the indirect impact – people postponing vital treatments – plays a role. It is certain that more people die than average. The excess mortality peaked in our country during the week of March 30, when there were 2,087 more deaths than normal, or an excess mortality of 95%.


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